ZOPP method



ZOPP method Objective-oriented project planning

Method is a guide to working in groups. Its use leads to decisions from working in groups and teams.

Originally used by GTZ - German Society for Technical Cooperation as theZOPP (Ziel Orientierte Projekt Plannung) method has been widely taken up and used profit and nonprofit institutions

The English version GOPP (Goal Orientated Project Planning) is focused on the use of tools that visualize the views of group members, allowing analysis and identification of optimal solutions. Decisions are taken in the "regime" of collaboration. Priorities are established to ensure implementation and monitoring.The most important output is flagged and put on paper and identify the steps that must be followed.

The method alow not only participatory planning, but also provide implementation of decisions, encourage brainstorming, identifying strategies, identify important information and build consensus among policy makers. Active involvement techniques allow participants and ensure the success of effective training based on actual involvement, communication and the experience of various situations.



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