CEFE method


Metoda CEFE - Competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprise is successfully applied by GTZ Germany and CEFE International Network.

Method CEFE is a complex instrument training thare are using experiential learning and participatory action-oriented methods to develop managerial and personal skills..

The central objective of the CEFE is to improve the performance of small business entrepreneurs through simulation exercises competitive business environment, through self-analysis in structured discussions in which participants unlock their creative potential.

The training is addressed to any person wishing to establish or expand their own business. The method is based on experiential learning - the ideas and concepts underlying student center. Own perspective of the entrepreneur is the starting point for course adjustment to the particular group. Matter if each participant to understand the economic problems of the company, unlike courses where emphasis on theory and provides course support away from the realities of business. Theexercise shape economic aspects are explained and evaluated by interactive dialogue:

  • with other participants - to give opportunity to uderstand and integrate the experience of other entrepreneurs who had a similar situation
  • with trainer-facilitator, as' the world CEFE, is not because it "teaches you" but determine you to look for one solution that fits your business idea.

CEFE Network International has over 130 trainers from countries where this method was implemented for adult training in entrepreneurship. For over ten years is practiced in an international network of 1300 organizations and 3000 trainers, where is financed by several bilateral agencies, governments and international organizations (European Union, World Bank, UK, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, South Africa). 2001 is the year of CEFE release in Romania, 1600 Romanian students attending classes until now.




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