Alexandru Nedelea

alex Doctor in Marketing, Conf.univ.dr. FSEAP Suceava
PhD in Marketing, Assoc. PhD. FSEAP Suceava
Certificate manager in the tourist activity; Certificate National Tourist Guide; Competences: Marketing in tourism and services, Technical operations in tourism, Tourism arranging of the territory; Member of International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism, Coordinator of the Information Center and Tourism Marketing "Tourism in Bukovina".


Livia Vranciu

livia Professor I in tourism and food
Lecturer in professional training programs for qualifications as accountancy, Waiter, Cook, worker in tourism, tourist board administrator; 11 years experience in training;
Coordination of projects as Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Phare.


Carmen Năstase

carmenn PhD in Economics - Management of the Company
Assoc. PhD, Department of Commerce-Tourism, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration Suceava
CEFE International certified trainer
Competencies: Economy, Microeconomics, Macroeconomic, Management of the firm, Strategic Management


Natalia Tarachiu

natalia CEFE International certified trainer
Consultant in project management and financing programs
Evaluator of projects with governmental funding
8 years experience in project management


Codrin Radu

codrinradu CEFE International certified trainer
Co-trainer of trainers courses in general management and initiation in business.
Large experience in financing investment projects, offering complete and practical issues in project management.


Ovidiu Hurjui

ovidiu System Engineer
Competencies: Office, databases, systems design, geo-information, applied sciences, media and advertising;
12 years experience in the operation and management of systems; Lecturer in training programs for qualification Administrator of tourism pensions.


Eugenia Cernica

eugenia Professor in economic disciplines
Lecturer in professional training for qualifications as Waiter, chef, Administrator of tourism pensions;
Coordination and involvement in projects;
Guidance of specialist works.


Razvan Viorescu

razvanviorescu PhD. in Law
Consultant and trainer in project management, management of public services, management of public office.
Research Grants Evaluator: CNCSIS -Romania.
Expert in projects and European financing projects: NISPA - Slovakia.
Expert of decentralization and local governance: LGI - Hungary.



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