In the past ten years started must often to talk about training in Romania like a normal and useful thing of an organization. It begin to appear the first domain specialists, either thanks to certification courses made by international companies or by NGO-s, or thanks to accumulated experience working in the in training departments of some multinational companies.


The universal recognized benefits of training are:
• efficiency increase
 clients satisfaction increase
 employees satisfaction and morale increase. 

The training brings benefits not only if the content and delivery process focuses on those necessary competences (knowledge, abilities and attitudes) to the improvement of the job performance. Id est, the training is efficient (produces results), when responds, equally, the needs of the organization and employees.

Consulting Group organize open and personalize programs training in all modern managemnt area, programs based on experiential and interactive technics. The main method used is CEFE™ - Competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprise.


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