Start-up in business

During crystallization of motivations which will be the basis of creation of a new company, the concept of risk is hardly accepted by the entrepreneur, and the failure as a phenomenon that appears to others. He focuses on opportunity, often neglecting the risk analysis.

Creating a new business involves a process of combining factors of production, the search of markets and supply outlets, and assessment and assumption of risks by the entrepreneur. This activity is based on three essential elements:

  • existence of market opportunities that can be used
  • the entrepreneur or the team
  • resources needed for opportunity fructification

Through training program or by direct advice to help all those who wish:

  • to initiate a business
  • to make an analysis of the business environment
  • to identify genuine business ideas
  • to conceive a business plan

Ignoring the multitude of influence factors and of existing risks is the main cause of the failure. Another cause is the lack of planning and forecast. The optimism must be tempered by caution, the efforts must be directed towards minimizing the risks and uncertainties, but free to go to pessimism increase, lack of action in fructification of opportunities.



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